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Game & Multimedia Artist

I am Nobonita Bhowmik, a Bangladeshi from Uzbekistan, and  a game & multimedia artist. I have a background in digital media and art, graphic design and motion graphics as well as game development. I have been in game development teams consisting primarily of creators of marginalized backgrounds, making games that champion progressive, inclusive ideologies.


As a female artist from a third world country, I believe that building community in this multicultural setting with its many unique perspectives in visual development will enable her to create and bring out a lasting positive impact on future game projects to inspire and influence others.


Computer: Mac and PC proficient

Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, Animate, Lightroom

Game Engines: Unity, Unreal, 

3D: Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter & Designer

Web Design: HTML, CSS

Physical Comp: Processing, Arduino

Protyping: Figma


Bengali - Native

English - Full professional proficiency

Russian - Bilingual proficiency


Design & Technology

Bachelor of Fine Arts 2012 - 2016

Parsons School of Design, New York, NY

Game Design

Masters of Fine Arts 2017 - 2019

New York University, New York, NY

Awards & Achievements

IGDA Velocity Award Program - 2019

Kill Screen Scholar Program - 2016

Work Experience


Jul 2021 - Present

NHB Studio Ltd.

Freelance Artist

Nov -
Dec 2021

Remote Control Media

Freelance Technical Artist

- Support and assist technical art team with asset ingestion

- Manage and update the task tracking for asset ingestion

May -
Nov 2021

Necessity London

Freelance Designer

- Creating content, editing and designing for social media platform

- Photo or video editing, and providing support in production initiatives

May 2016 -
Mar 2017

OR Entertainment

Freelance Designer

- Editing and designing all materials, including branded paper & digital invitations, social media graphics.

- Photo or video editing, and providing support in production initiatives

- Updating company’s web properties with the latest content

- Create content, connect and maintain our social media accounts

Feb -
May 2016

Virtualize, LLC

Digital Media Intern

- Maintaining content and updating company's website with latest content

- Graphic design / editing press materials

- Technology / Production support

Special Projects


Feb 2018 - Present

‘We should talk.’

Insatiable Cycle - Art Director

Game Studio 2, NYU Game Center

- Created majority of 3d asset creation and social media content

- Responsible for outlining and executing the game’s visual style

- Maintaining aesthetic consistency, and producing the asset models, textures, and interface designs for the scene

Mar 2018 - TBA


Artist/Co-Game Designer

MFA Thesis, NYU Game Center

- Conceptualized the narrative for the game

- Designed the gameplay & mechanics

- Created and designed 2D & 3D digital game assets

Nov 2021 - Feb 2022

‘Crown Deli Delights’

UI Artist - 2021

Sloan Grant Project

- Redesigned UI and further developed UI elements and 

Mar 2018 - TBA

‘Root to Needle’

Artist/Game Developer - 2016

BFA Thesis, Parsons School of Design

- Conceptualized the narrative for the game

 - Drew and designed 2D & 3D digital game assets

- Developed the game in Unity

Nov 2017 -
May 2018

‘Don't Stop Breathin'’

Artist/Game Designer - 2016

Game Design, New York University

- Conceptualized and developed game design of the table top game

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